A Dark and Stormy Night…

It was a dark and stormy night… and no one felt like cooking dinner.

I had promised to make American Chop Suey – cheap, warm and comforting. But on the way home realized I didn’t have any ground burger! I had some pasta, and I had the can of Manwich but no burger. Well… I had my ground-at-home and perfectly formed burger patties that I make in bulk batches and freeze; but I wasn’t about to undo all that work to scramble them in a pan!

So after a quick stop to dart through the rain and the 10 items or less line at the local supermarket – we were in business. Except I bought ground pork instead of ground burger. On purpose. It is cheaper (about 1/2 the cost of burger) and leaner (gone are the days of fatty pork – in fact I usually add a little EVOO to keep things moist) and we simply like it.

But this would be the first time I made a change to the traditional dish. I also knew I had some mushrooms to use up and a little tiny bit of chopped onion kicking around the fridge. Of course a minced garlic clove would be great too. Uh oh – it was starting to turn into a pot of Johnny Marzetti. I grabbed some fresh basil from the garden to throw in despite the rain. It is growing like crazy out there and basil just makes everything better.

It was officially now a cabinet stew! My husband just called it delicious!


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