Grill Marks

My husband has a thing about grill marks. He has to have grill marks on his meat or at least substantial browning.  There is no poached anything in this house. I have to sneak my delicious recipe for chicken enchiladas by him because I essentially boil plain chicken in highly seasoned water and shred it for the filling! As for stews – I mean real stews like beef and not cabinet – he needs that meat seared first. Now I know all good stew starts out that way, but many a great stew has been cooked in the slow cooker. No browning necessary.

He will not eat a “baked” sausage. You know where you put the sausage on a sheet pan and bake in a hot oven until cooked and juicy; maybe if you are lucky a little browning happens. Not enough for him. He needs full browning, preferably grill marks. Sauteing doesn’t really cut it with him either. I have become the master of the “sear over high heat” and “add braising liquid.” In fact if I blog enough of my put-together dinner inventions AKA cabinet stews; I could probably write a cookbook on this technique exclusively.

So tonight for dinner I fired up the grill (Gas grill because it is quicker than Mr. Weber and he is rather needy – really can’t leave him unattended even if just for a few minutes.) I thoroughly browned and grilled the sausages.

See exhibit #1

While they were cooking I tried to re-create the “vegetable stew” that I had experienced up in NH not too many nights ago.

I have trouble following a recipe; I will admit that. I can’t resist the urge to tinker. Or sometimes you don’t have the ingredient on hand so you have to substitute.

I didn’t have celery so I diced up some green pepper. I wanted to make it a more substantial dish – add a ‘starch’ factor. I was too lazy to cook rice or potatoes. (Even with my new rice cooker – I know – really lazy.) So I opened a delicious can of garbanzo beans that I had in my cabinet and threw that in.

See exhibit#2

It all turned out delicious and maybe I will call that chef up in NH and see if she wants to use my new ideas!


3 comments on “Grill Marks

  1. I LOVE sausage on the grill.

  2. […] I cut down and dusted with some basic seasoning blend before browning in a hot skillet. (Because everything needs to be “browned” in this […]

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