Pizza Night

Pizza night is a great opportunity to use up random things around your kitchen. You can put almost anything on a pizza shell, bake it and enjoy. I don’t have to tell you that pizza is a great, quick week night dinner.

Tonight I browned a 1/2 lb +/- of ground beef that was hanging around my fridge and a chopped up half of a small onion. (Save the rest for Western omelets!) I added a hefty dose of cumin and some salt/pepper.  After it was all brown and delicious looking – I added in a small can of chopped green chilies and let that saute for a couple of minutes. I spread the whole thing on a thin pre-baked pizza shell. I added plenty of shredded cheese – extra sharp.

I also had the last of the cherry tomato harvest on hand so I sliced up a few of those and dotted them on the top. I finished with an extra sprinkle of salt, pepper and cumin and squirted a bit of fresh lime juice on top for sparkle.

Into a preheated 425 degree oven on the pizza stone and 8-10 mins later a crispy, delicious, cheesy pizza emerged.

I call it: “green chilie cheeseburger pizza”


2 comments on “Pizza Night

  1. […] my house we love to convert our favorite sandwiches into pizza toppings. Last time it was green chili cheeseburgers and this time it was Italian sausage […]

  2. […] That is when you convert your favorite sandwiches into pizza. It is practically a hobby with me. If it is good between slices of bread; why not on top too? Check out my previous creations: “Yawkey Way” & “Green Chilie Cheeseburger” […]

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