Vacation Clean-Out

How do you pack for vacation AND turn all the fresh veggies in your fridge into a delicious dinner plus extra for the freezer the night before you leave?

ROAST them of course!

It is hands free and while the oven does the work – you can spend more time deciding how many pairs of shoes to pack.

Here is what I had hanging around my fridge that night….

yup – I have to brag – I grew that basil and those cherry tomatoes myself!

Not shown here but I chopped and threw in a small onion as well. Speaking of chopping, I kept it easy by just rough chopping everything into large pieces. Roast in a 375 degree oven with olive oil, S&P, a dash of balsamic vinegar and a shake of Italian seasoning blend. I did wait and add the fresh basil towards the end of roasting.


You know how when you pack sometimes you find yourself with a little extra room. (It can happen.) So you get a little crazy and add some more clothes “just in case” – that is how I feel about cheese. I will just add it “just in case” to every dish because it always works! So the finished veggies above have some shredded Romano added.

Dinner time

While you are taking a break from your packing – boil some pasta and enjoy dinner. Kinda like the marathoner who “carbo-loads” the night before – eating this delicious blend of roasted veggies and pasta – will give you the strength to struggle on and finish your packing. And whatever doesn’t fit in your suitcase or stomach can be put away for another time.

…And no I am not scared to freeze cooked pasta.

I made sure to add all the juice from the roasted tomatoes and “packed” it really well for its trip to the freezer.

All packed and ready to go!


One comment on “Vacation Clean-Out

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