Turkey (but no sausage) Chili

Inspired by Lydia, I was already planning a Turkey Mole Chili in my mind. I knew I had a box of mole mix in the depths of my cabinet. Who has that? It was fate.

Then I found a recipe card from my last visit to Penzeys for Turkey Black bean Chili. And I knew I had an industrial size can of black beans on hand. Again- fate.

Sometimes a recipe insists on nagging you.

But how would I sneak the turkey past my red-meat loving husband. I am convinced he would love the chili if he didn’t know it was made with healthy, low-fat ground turkey instead of red meat. I decided I would fake him out with the promise of adding a couple sweet sausages to the dish. Kinda like a compromise. But if I “forgot” to add those sausages – oh well.

Of course I had to tinker and make my own version of the recipes because:

#1 I can’t leave well enough alone when it comes to cooking.

#2 I didn’t have the exact ingredients on hand and making a special trip for ground turkey was already a big step. Besides, using up what you have is the spirit of cabinet stew!

Chop an onion, a couple of garlic cloves and brown them with 1.5lb or so of turkey in a heavy cast iron pot. Add a little canola oil to get it all going. Salt and pepper to keep things seasoned. Add 2 tb of your favorite brand of chili powder, 1 tb ground cumin (my all time favorite spice), and 2 tb ground Ancho chili pepper. Sizzle about 5 more minutes. The mixture will be very red in color and a little “dry” while the spices get kinda toasted.

The recipes I was consulting (Lydia and Penzeys) said to add the liquid at this point but I opted to wait and add 1 reg size can of no salt added diced tomatoes instead and 1 small can of no salt added tomato paste. (I like things “tomato-y”) Let that cook a couple of minutes. I added my industrial size can of low sodium black beans and about a cup of frozen corn kernels. At this point I had to add my old standby trick of the trade: Worcestershire sauce. Usually I add A-1 sauce but I was out. Either is fine but use less Worcestershire sauce than A-1 since it is much stronger in flavor. Plus with my use of “no/low” sodium products I had room to maneuver.

Now I added the low sodium chicken stock to eye until I got the right consistency for chili of my liking and then turned the heat down and let the whole thing simmer while I defrosted some previous made and frozen extra corn bread.

It ended up being about 1/2 carton of a 32oz box of low sodium broth.

I served it with shredded cheese on top and guess what? He liked it!

Oops – I “forgot” the sausage.

Then I remembered that I forgot to add the mole sauce that I was dying to use up and to get out of my cabinet!

Karma will get you every time.


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