Summer for Dinner

Breakfast for dinner is not a new concept. And using up the pancake mix hanging around the pantry is always a good idea.

But having a little bit of “summer” for dinner is not as common.

Nothing says summer like fresh picked blueberries.

Every summer my mother picks MANY pounds of blueberries. She drags my father out there in the heat to pick – grumbling the whole time. We are no good at picking – I just hide among the bushes eating them until I have a stomach ache. She is the only productive picker. She goes every few days during the height of the season. She even follows the crop like a migrant worker, traveling to a farm 50 miles further north to catch an extended season of picking. After the picking she stands for hours in the kitchen, sorting through and separating them. Some get frozen whole and some get a gentle simmer on the stove with the smallest addition of sweet honey. She fills the extra freezer in the garage with her efforts and ends up with enough so she can have blueberries at least once a week till the next picking season arrives. If a burglar was to break in – forget about the TVs – the real treasure is the blueberries.

In a weak moment recently she parted with a small container of them. We rushed them home in a cooler like precious cargo. We promptly made giant, fluffy pancakes on the griddle, skipped the maple syrup and topped them only with butter and the blueberries.

With the first bite we were transported back to summer!

I called to compliment her on them. I told her how delicious they were and how I appreciated that she parted with some. She told me, “flattery will get you a lot of things but not anymore of my blueberries!”


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