Tradition or Bust!!

My husband stayed home to cook a turkey today.

Call it a turkey “dress rehearsal” or call it a craving from all the instant marketing for the holidays that starts in July and creates a full-blown frenzy by November 1st.

But whatever you call it, make sure you don’t mess with tradition. That is what my husband is all about. Keeping traditions alive and re-creating fond childhood food memories.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

My childhood was full of travel and adventure, and some traditions. Those are my fond childhood food memories. (see Dear Mom for explanation)

So when he told me he was making the stuffing from scratch (we used Pepperidge Farm in my house growing up) I immediately put on my “cabinet stew hat” and started emailing suggestions.  (Now let me just note that my husband is a pretty good cook and both his parents cooked for the family when he was growing up.)

The email I sent from work went a little something like this….

Subject: wife’s use-it-up stuffing suggestion

If you don’t want to go to the store for onions – there are frozen diced ones in freezer!!!!!!
You could add 2 cups of corn kernels -(you could saute first with onions for added color/flavor) and the rest of any red bell pepper you find in the crisper – diced small first. Try adding 1 tbsp Emeril’s essence
Add extra hot water if stuffing doesn’t seem moist enough. Extra melted butter could be added as well. Stuff bird (not too tight) and cook as usual. I think some shredded carrot would be great too – we have some in the crisper….

…you get the idea…

He is used to me, so he just read the email and moved onto making his mother’s tried and true traditional stuffing like the email never happened. That’s okay – nothing wrong with tradition.

The recipe his mom used comes from the actual bag of the “stuffing bread” – you know that un-sliced white bread that starts showing up in the stores about now? Don’t worry, I never saw it either until I met my husband! The recipe on the back pretty much follows standard stuffing protocol of butter, celery, onions and poultry seasoning.

Tom turkey will be delicious with his belly full of traditional stuffing! I can’t wait to get home from work

….look at the cell phone pic sent in halfway through cooking time! (Better get some foil on the breast…….)


2 comments on “Tradition or Bust!!

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