After Class Snack

After a long day at work and an even longer evening in the classroom – does anyone feel like cooking? Not me. Since I don’t own a microwave – something quick AND hot just doesn’t happen.

So I have become the master of the broiler.

Here is what I whipped up one night this week.

1 English muffin, opened and “pre-toasted” once thru the toaster.

1 small red apple – preferably a tart-sweet juicy variety.

Slices of Cabot Pepper Jack cheese– as much as you want or don’t want.

Healthy shake of cumin powder.

Pinch of sea salt – optional.

Pile it all on top of the muffin and broil till cheese melted and bubbly.

Note: for the non-spice lovers

– use plain sharp cheddar and sprinkle with sage.


3 comments on “After Class Snack

  1. Jacquelyn says:

    Carol, this snack sounds so good. I love the spicy/sweet combination 🙂 Our farm family owners appreciate the Cabot recommendation- keep the delicious recipes coming!

    • cabinetstew says:

      My pleasure – I LOVE your cheese and butter – I buy it at my local stores, and I visit Vermont once a year and always hit the annex stores or even one year we went to the actual plant. All those samples….I am in heaven!

  2. […] That and the fact that I had a package of Cabot Pepper Jack Cheese in the fridge. Which I love for snacking and […]

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