“Breakfast Bruschetta”

2 eggs

2 pieces of toasted bread of choice

1 half of small onion that has been hanging around the fridge waiting to be used, diced.

About a cup and 1/2 of leftover tomato sauce from something I cooked last week.

Some fresh parsley because I happen to have a bunch in the fridge.

A hefty couple pinches of shredded Romano cheese.

Start out by sauteing the onion in a tablespoon of butter on med-high heat.  When onions are just browning, add the tomato sauce and when it is sizzling and starting to get thick… kinda clear out two ‘holes’ in the sauce to expose the pan bottom. Crack an egg in each ‘hole’ and pretend for a few minutes that you are Mario Batali making a very cool Italian breakfast. Then snap out of it and realize that you really don’t like runny yolks.  So try to flip the egg in the sauce without breaking it…

Opps!….Oh well. Time to commit to broken fried egg in tomato sauce scooped on top of toast and sprinkled with cheese and parsley!


3 comments on ““Breakfast Bruschetta”

  1. rsmacaalay says:

    Thanks for sahring this wonderful, quick and easy recipe. Will try this tomorrow for my breakfast


  2. […] experience instead of a “saucy” one!  (Although that can be delicious as in my “Breakfast Bruchetta” […]

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