Next Stop: Polishtown

After this week’s craving for Germantown inspired food, naturally I had to go to Polishtown next. I always have Pierogi frozen in the freezer. I pick them up at the fall festival of the local polish church. The basement of the church fills with the smell of delicious foods and the ladies sell their homemade crafts. Sometimes I see the retired lady who used to work at the corner store, Charlotte.

and of course I had random partial ingredients in the fridge to use up.

The small amount of unused ground beef and mushrooms just called out to be made into meatballs with mushroom gravy.  I decided to make really tiny little balls that could roll around the Pierogi.

I mixed up basic meatballs with ground beef, breadcrumbs moistened with milk, S/P, crushed fresh garlic, a dash of mustard powder and my secret weapon: Penzey’s English Prime Rib Rub. These meatballs had a bit of a plain, Swedish meatball feeling about them.

I started by frying them up in some browned butter. After their head start I added the sliced mushrooms and some shallots. Ask my husband and he will tell you that I have a shallot addiction.

To make the creamy sauce I considered a few options….

Flour/fat roux and whisk in some milk? Too much work.

Sour cream or creme fraiche to give a nice tang? Who has that on-hand!

The final decision: old reliable…canned cream of mushroom soup! Works every time, doesn’t disappoint and everybody loves it.

After gently mixing the soup plus 1/2 can of water in, I added in the boiled and drained Pierogi and of course everybody’s favorite green veggie: frozen peas!

Serve with some lingonberry – I mean cranberry sauce and…

you have arrived at Polishtown!    (with a short stop in Sweden?)


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