Leftover Dress Rehearsal

A 4lb roast for 2 people is going to create a leftover situation.

Here is what I made last night in 30 mins or less with stuff I had on hand.

I cubed up the leftover beef and threw it into a casserole dish.

I dumped the leftover peas from the dinner in.

I quickly cut up one of those pre-washed, pre-peeled half butternut squashes that I had bought and stuck in my fridge a couple of days ago.

I put a couple pats of butter on top. (think pie.)

I poured in the leftover mushroom gravy/pan sauce from the dinner that I had saved.

I opened one of those rolled pie crusts that come in a box and lay it on top of all this.

I wrapped it, made a note with cooking instructions for my husband. Since he is home first tonight, he will be starting dinner. I like to make it as easy as possible to be successful.

Dinner. Done.

Tonight after dinner I will try to post a “beauty shot” as we say in the business ;-

Here it is…….


2 comments on “Leftover Dress Rehearsal

  1. Tes says:

    What a great idea to make a leftover rehearsal. Now you we need to do is just bake it. I need to try this tip πŸ™‚

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