This time of year calls for lots of “potluck” events.

I just attended two in the last few days. One at my office and one at my husband’s Taekwondo school.

A Potluck  meal- where everyone brings something – usually their “special” or traditional dish – is truly the ultimate cabinet stew. Not in the sense of folks inventing dishes with what they have on hand but in the sense of many and various different dishes all coming together as one meal.

I mean at what other event might you have gumbo, Shepard’s pie and tacos on the same plate? Or pizza, Quiche and chili? I sure did.

Leap of faith

There are 2 things about a potluck that demand a leap of faith.

1. The mystery of what the dish actually is.

There isn’t usually a tag and unless it is a well-known, recognizable item (like lasagna) you could be left wondering what is under the crumb-n-cheese topping or in the deviled eggs. Since I don’t eat any fish – not even canned tuna – I am always on high alert for fishy stuff. And if lady luck deals you some trick like tuna casserole that you thought was mac and cheese, you can only hope the person that made it is not sitting at your table to see you throw it out!

2. Will you get your dish returned.

I am the stress-free (okay OCD) kind of person who always plans what to make/bring based on whether it can be brought in some kind of disposable dish. I can’t be worrying about getting my crock-pot back. I have been known to buy an inexpensive bowl to present my potato salad in with the full intention of leaving it behind. The kitchen at the local hall can always use an extra anyway.

Variety is the key!

At the school potluck there were at least 300 people in attendance and at least 150 different food items. Everything from gumbo to someone’s grandmother’s recipe for a savory pineapple side dish to tacos to Shepard’s pie to two kinds of meatballs to spring rolls and even Kimchi!

At the office potluck there were 3 kinds of Quiche, homemade chili, pizza, calzones, warm goat cheese and leek dip, mac and cheese, eggplant lasagna and lemon poppy-seed bread – to name a few items!

Unfortunately I was so busy eating that I forgot take pictures of all the food!

Enjoy a picture of a snowy Boston street, took during a recent snowstorm.

Snowy Boston Street


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