Sandwiches…I Mean Pizza…Three Ways

The other night in the grocery store I couldn’t locate my favorite brand of pre-baked pizza dough.  I had some “hot ham” from the deli in my fridge just begging to be used up and this inspired me to try to recreate a Cuban sandwich as pizza, therefore I found myself shopping for the pizza crusts.

Finally I found it but only in the 3-pack personal pizza size. I bought them anyway!

“Sandwich as pizza!”

That is when you convert your favorite sandwiches into pizza. It is practically a hobby with me. If it is good between slices of bread; why not on top too? Check out my previous creations: “Yawkey Way” & “Green Chilie Cheeseburger”

But since I had to get the 3-pack of crusts, I still had two other crusts in the package to consider.

So for my husband who is not so spicy – a traditional Hawaiian pizza would be just fine.

And just for fun, why not try to recreate those delicious Chilean sandwiches from the Boston restaurant Chacarero.

So on a cold snowy night – the “three amigos” of pizza were created!

Hawaiian style – everybody’s knows this favorite: red sauce, ham, pineapple and mild mozzarella cheese. (Although this one didn’t start out as a sandwich-it would make a delicious one!)

Cubano Style – to do it right…pieces of roast pork, glazed ham, swiss or provolone cheese, mustard and pickles. I didn’t have roast pork on hand so I used the hot ham instead and I used a mild cheddar. To keep it pizza-like I kept the red sauce and left off the mustard. But I think a daring person would get the mustard in there somewhere. Next time.

Chilean Style – my own version: red sauce, hot ham, Munster cheese and “banana peppers”. However, grilled marinated chicken, green beans and avocado spread would have really made this feel authentic but I wasn’t going back to the store – so next time.

I think these pizzas may need to spend some more time in R & D, but they have potential!


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