Tomato Confessions

I am always raiding my mother’s tomato supply. I know she doesn’t mind. I secretly thinks she keeps a supply on hand to feed my tomato addiction.

I could be addicted to worse.

Last weekend I literally took a tomato when she wasn’t looking. I couldn’t resist. She had three on the counter just begging me to take one. I took it and secreted it away in my bag before anybody noticed. A tomato that good has to be enjoyed in private with wonderful, simple accessories like sea salt, good olive oil, luscious bread, olives, cheese, soppressata and fresh basil if you have it – that kind of thing.

I think she has good tomato karma.

She always gets the most amazing tomatoes. Year round even! I think she has a secret source. A tomato dealer.
She always has the organic ones still on the vine. All ripe and juicy, bursting with flavor.

Summer is no problem – I grow my own or supplement with farm stand purchases. But winter is a sad time for me. Every time I go to the store in the winter all I see are those off-season, pinkish, tasteless hot-house varieties. I think they actually wax the skin- yuk!! But I can always relay on mom. And since I visit a lot, I can usually secure the “goods” at least once a week.

Last night’s dinner consisted of:

Stolen tomato, toasted and torn olive roll, Parmesan cheese, soppressata, olive oil, drizzle of balsamic vinegar, sprinkle of dried oregano, sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper.

Mom’s reply to this post sent via email…..

” Just so you know, I reported you to the Tomato Police!!  Not only that, you shouldn’t be putting salami on my vegetarian tomatoes!! (I had to look up soppressata) “

16 comments on “Tomato Confessions

  1. Young Wifey says:

    Only once have I got good tomatoes in winter! Lucky you!

  2. cabinet stew says:

    Believe me, with a Mom like that I feel lucky!

  3. Love your mom’s email response — hehe.

  4. Jennifer says:

    LOVED this posting! Inspired me (never considered bread as a carb base to a meal… i like, i like) and made me laugh (Very funny!) at the same time! Thanks!

  5. cabinet stew says:

    My pleasure! “Panzanella” is the official term for this kind of “bread salad”

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