Scrambled “Stew”

Eggs are a lovely vehicle for just about anything.

I stop at almost nothing when it comes to combining eggs and other foods.

Whether it be Quiche or scrambled or even fried eggs.

Last weekend I was poking around my mother’s refrigerator for some breakfast and was inspired by some fresh asparagus in there. I immediately visualized sautéed asparagus, garlic and tomato with scrambled eggs. I decided to add a diced potato instead of the tomatoes to the eggs. That way the tomatoes wouldn’t become sauce; I wanted to have a “whole tomato” experience instead of a “saucy” one!  (Although that can be delicious as in my “Breakfast Bruchetta” )

I decided to cut the tomato in wedges and just warm them in the same pan I cooked the eggs in with a pat of butter and a shake of dried basil. Like a warm tomato jam.

Now, I am not the first to invent the “veggie scramble.”  Certainly you can get scrambled eggs on every level – at the local diner with bacon, cheese etc or in a high-end restaurant brunch with salmon. But I am reminding you… that anything in your “cabinet” (or fridge) can and should be considered!


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