Not-So-Cliché Nachos

Nachos can be boring and they can be predictable. Cliché game day food. Especially on Super Bowl Sunday. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy nachos as much as anybody – but when my husband told me he wanted nachos for a half-time snack, I thought to myself, “Really? Can’t we be more interesting than that?” But I didn’t have any better ideas…

Then he dropped a bombshell right there in the store. (In front of the dairy case to be exact.)

He said “How about with turkey?”

“Turkey?” I asked. As in ground turkey? This can’t be true.

I couldn’t believe my big, burly, partner-in-crime would betray his first love! (Red-meat that is.)

In the past when I have suggested tacos made with ground chicken, he actually ignored me. I have to sneak ground turkey into a ground pork mix when he is not looking to make a healthier meatloaf.

Turkey. He suggests one of those rotisserie turkey breasts all cooked and yummy from the deli. I immediately visualize turkey sandwiches and head for the counter.

“Production notes”

We already know that I top the corn chips with cheese and ground cumin and broil them till crispy to make a crispy bottom to the nachos.

Next I scattered thin strips of turkey that came from the thin slices of the breast. I added a can of sliced black olives; some frozen corn kernels from the bag in the freezer and little dollops of my favorite jar of salsa.  A little more cheese and a squeeze of lime juice before putting under the broiler for 45 more seconds!

Light, easy, crunchy – not at all greasy….”not-so-cliché-nachos!”


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