When Relatives Mail You Lemons…

…Make dinner with them!

My dad grew up in southern California – land of citrus trees, surfers and traffic. His family is still on the west coast.

Every so often one of his sisters will send a box of citrus or avocados or both.ย  They have these trees right in their backyards. Lemons, oranges, persimmons – you name it!

Right now I have a crisper drawer full of lemons from the last shipment. Organic too!

I was at work the other day thinking about what I was going to make for dinner that night.

Of course doing my work all the while ๐Ÿ˜‰

And then I took a moment to play “recipe roulette” with eatyourbooks.com

This website indexes the recipes in your cookbooks!

Recipe roulette works like this: I log into my account and I search my indexed cookbooks for recipes containing ingredients of chicken and lemons. Who knew that I had 68 recipes with chicken and lemons in them among the many books on my shelf!

Here is where the roulette comes in. This website gives a list of the main ingredients but not the actual recipe – they only index the recipes for easy search.ย  So I know I have the chicken and the lemons and I go home and “hope” I have the rest on hand and if I don’t… I improvise – in the spirit of making a “cabinet stew”.

After arriving home and consulting “Everyday Pasta” by Giada De Laurentiis – for a recipe ofย  “chicken in lemon cream” that I had no idea was hiding in that book; I realize that I have no fresh parsley and no penne pasta. But that is OK because I have rotini and a small jar of capers calling out from the pantry.

Looks like Chicken Piccata with mushroom lemon cream sauce for dinner!

(I also had some mushrooms to use up!)

Oh and a chance to use my new simple juicer!! (upper right in top photo)

And Brussels Sprouts, because you always need a green veggie.

…Now on to “lemon bars” – it seems I have 5 different recipes among my cookbook collection!


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