March 20

First day of spring AND a new romance!

In Boston we know March 20th not by looking at the calendar or the fact that this marks the beginning of shorter nights and longer days but by the fact that the flower show is in town!

We also know it because the flowers bloom in the snow!

I also know it is the first day of spring because asparagus starts showing up in the stores. True, it is still being flown in from far away lands, but at least it’s organic, right?

I also know a spring romance when I see it. Or taste it.

I met him in Whole Foods.

We sorta bumped into each other and it was love at first sight.

His name is Robusto but you can just call him “Dutch” for short. He reminded me of my other guy “Gouda” but he was much drier and yet sensitive enough to melt with you. He also reminded me of my first love, Romano.  Sometimes Romano can be a little salty and overpowering. Not Robusto, he was smoother. But he could still be a little grating and frankly I liked that about him.  I had to be careful, if pressured he would crumble. I could see that immediately about him. But it was these qualities that made me replace my main squeeze Romano with Robusto in the first place.

Of course to be safe I Googled him first. (all the kids are doing it) I was a bit disappointed to find out that he was a bit of a player. Don’t believe me? Well check out his Facebook page for yourself!

I made a special dinner to celebrate spring and  “close the deal” on my new romance. It started out as an innocent, cozy, little dinner for two but it ended with true passion.

I was so smitten that I was still thinking about him the morning after. By lunchtime I could no longer stand it – I just had to see more of him! I just wanted to re-create the whole dinner again right there in the office.

A piece of him still remains with me – I am going save it for a private moment at home when no one is looking.

The recipe:

2 Large or Jumbo Egg Yolks

1 Cup Robusto Cheese, Shredded

1/2 Tbsp Kosher Salt

1/4 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3 Cloves of Garlic, Crushed

1/2 Box of your Favorite Long Thin Pasta

In a large bowl (preferably a pretty one that can withstand heat and still be served from) whisk the egg yolks, salt and olive oil together. Add cheese into mixture. Boil pasta according to directions. Reserve 1 cup of the boiling, hot, salted, pasta water and set aside for a minute. Pull the hot pasta from the water and immediately place into the bowl with yolks and cheese. Toss gently but thoroughly, coating each strand. The heat of the pasta will “cook” the egg yolks just enough and melt the mixture into a creamy sauce. Add reserved hot pasta water as needed to thin the sauce.  Grind fresh cracked black pepper over the top and more salt if desired. Serve immediately with spring vegetables that have been sautéed in butter, olive oil, dried Thyme and lemon juice.


3 comments on “March 20

  1. Robusto is new to me! Must. try. it.

  2. michael says:

    I must give Robusto his due. What a great dish

  3. […] never met a cheese I didn’t like and of course we all know my obsession with Robusto. So it seems shocking that I would consider any other cheese. However, just before Christmas, when […]

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