Count Stroganoff

Think back to the last time you had Beef Stroganoff.

Maybe in the 70s, maybe last week or maybe never.

I think it is making a comeback. Really. I think this because recently The Boston Globe featured a recipe for it in the Wednesday food section. As I turned the pages and came upon it, I had an “AHA” moment as Oprah would say. Why have I never made Strogonoff? I love all things creamy and saucy. I love Beef. And any chance to have egg noodles…I knew immediately what I would be making for dinner that night! And I could do it in about 30 mins!!

Now if you would like a little history lesson about “Count Stroganoff,” his family and more information you ever thought possible about such a dish then check out the link at   National dish of Russia – who knew!

I had to make a few changes from The Boston Globe recipe. First off, it was part of a “use it twice” ingredient feature – shop once, make two meals – that kind of thing.

Since I didn’t have the already-made mushroom sauce from the day before on hand; I turned instead to “mother’s little helper” – Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup. Low sodium of course.

I did use the recommended cut of beef. Steak Tips. A little pricey but guaranteed good in a quick cook kinda way. Besides I got 4 hearty servings out of it so I could justify the $9 bucks in steak tips. ($2.25 a serving for the beef.)

What puts the Stroganoff in Stroganoff?

Mustard powder, sour cream and parsley.  This is what sets it apart from other similar dishes with mushroom sauces. For example “Salisbury steak.”  (BTW Salisbury steak is another unsung hero of the weeknight dinner world and a favorite of mine!)

The recipe:

1 & 1/4 lb  +/- steak tips cut into 1″ cubes

2 tb canola oil for browning beef

1 small onion chopped

16 oz sliced fresh mushrooms (we love them, you may want less)

1/4 cup of water OR low salt beef broth OR as I use: 1/4 cup water with 2 Tb of A-1.

1 10.75 oz can of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup (low sodium)

1 tb of Coleman’s Dry Mustard Powder

Salt and pepper to taste

8 oz  sour cream (I used low-fat,no one knew) (Greek yogurt or Creme fresh would be very nice too)

1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley

1 bag (3/4lb – 1lb) of Egg noodles, boiled and drained according to directions

In large heavy bottom pot (cast iron is nice) brown the beef in hot oil to sear sides and create a crust. Add onions halfway through. Add mushrooms and brown them up. De-glaze the pan with the water or broth or water/A-1 mix. Add the soup. Mix in the dry mustard, salt and pepper. Simmer on low for a few minutes while you get your noodles boiled. Take off heat to cool a minute while you drain noodles. Mix in the sour cream before serving over the hot noodles (buttered if you’re feeling splurgy) and garnish with plenty of fresh chopped parsley.

I think my picture looks as good or better than the globe photo!


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