365 Ways to Cook Meatloaf

This time of year (April in New England) you can find yourself grilling out back in 65 degrees or chilly inside with the fireplace going and a meatloaf in the oven.

I did both this week so far.

My husband commented we haven’t had meatloaf in a while and he was right. I wasn’t as much amazed that he made a special request but that he risked it.

You see my meatloaf is never the same twice. And some are winners and some are losers. I just can’t seem to follow a recipe exactly. Besides the whole essence of meatloaf is to use up stuff and stretch ingredients.

A meatloaf is a cabinet stew by its very definition!

This time however, I decided to seek out a professional and promised myself I would stick to the recipe this time. I consulted Rachael Ray – Page 20 – Top 30, 30-minute meals, comfort foods.

Turkey and wild mushroom meatloaf patties with pan gravy.

It sounded good; all “sage and shallot-y” like Thanksgiving. And I thought maybe I could convince my red-meat loving husband to see ground turkey in a new light.

I started out okay – assembling the needed items before I started. I did however decide immediately to make a traditional loaf and not the patty formation. But before you know it I was sauteing celery and onions in butter. Just like you start the stuffing on Thanksgiving day. I had some celery in the crisper – I am always looking for ways to use it. And than I couldn’t help but moisten the bread crumbs with a little milk for a moister meatloaf. Before you know I was adding 2 eggs instead of one just to make sure the loaf really stuck together. I am not going to deny my delight in using up the last of the fresh parsley in the fridge before it went limp.

So that is how it goes. Different every time, based on inspiration, cravings and ingredient availability.

It turned out delicious. I did make a mushroom gravy. I chopped potatoes and half of a butternut squash up and roasted them in the oven in butter and pepper to make an easy starch to go with the meatloaf.

I did actually write this one down in my little journal and someday I will actually try to recreate it!

…in the meantime I will call this “meatloaf # 104” – a winner!


4 comments on “365 Ways to Cook Meatloaf

  1. michael says:

    I didn’t know that was ground turkey. It was delicious.

  2. cabinet stew says:

    Nice try! you knew it was turkey…but thanks for the compliments anyway.

  3. Jennifer says:

    That looks fantastic!!! I LOVE meatloaf… but always make it the same way. You have inspired me to branch out and attempt to stuff one with new ingredients! 🙂 As always… Impressed.

  4. cabinet stew says:

    Thanks!! it’s like thanksgiving in a loaf!

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