Thursday Night Chicken Club

I am part of this club and I bet you are too.

This is the club where you wonder yet again each week what to do with the ubiquitous chicken that you keep buying on the weekly shopping trip. Than you wonder why you keep buying this somewhat boring meat.

But then you get inspired. There are apples in the fridge just begging to be used up. The somewhat cold, damp, early May evening makes you want something fall-ish and comforting. Before you know it, you are preheating the oven and chopping stuff up.

At least that is how it works with me.

A roasting bed of apple and onion slices. Some comfort in the form of butter and cheese. The traditional flavors of sage and rosemary. Some potatoes on the side….

Wait a minute – this sounds familiar – do I detect a pattern here?

Okay I admit I am a “serial onion and apple combiner.”  What can I say – they go together like PB & J, bread & butter. Like the Captain and Tennille.  Anyway here it is ready for the oven…

…and here we are, all toasty and delicious! Cheese oozing from the chicken.

Production notes:

Apples – best with tart, firm variety but really any kind will do. Slice thick.

Cheese – I used Cabot Racers’ Edge Sharp Cheddar – whatever the brand, sharp is best.

Butter – A little melted butter and flour mixture over the top gives the pan sauce “thick richness”

Chicken – use a thermometer to check chicken for done-ness.

Apple juice – use some if you like a lot of sauce, don’t if you don’t.


2 comments on “Thursday Night Chicken Club

  1. Jacquelyn says:

    I think this sounds like a stellar combination! I’ll have to give it a try, thanks for sharing your notes! And of course, thanks for using Cabot cheese 😉

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