Porkchop #130

In a year of dinners I bet we eat pork chops more often than anybody I know. Some day I am going to compile a book and call it “365 ways to cook pork chops.”

I just pan brown them in a little oil with my favorite house seasoning sprinkled on. De-glaze the pan with a little water or broth or apple juice or whatever you have on hand. Any juice would work and would instantly drive the flavor in a certain direction.

For example:

pineapple juice + soy sauce = Teriyaki (obvious) or sweet pomegranate + zesty lime = tropical (surprising) or cran-apple + a dash of poultry seasoning = fall flavors (traditional). You get the idea.

I chose to add a couple of tablespoons of orange marmalade and some spicy mustard for flavor. Finish with a pat of butter for richness.

This was served with Rotini and Broccoli smothered in a quick homemade cheese sauce sprinkled with Parmesan. Because everything is better with cheese!


One comment on “Porkchop #130

  1. michael says:

    This was very tasty.

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