Simple & Slightly Tuscan

This year spring in New England has been rainy and a bit on the cool side. So instead of planting spring gardens and getting patio furniture out of storage today, I was thinking warmer thoughts of roasted potatoes and a fire in the fireplace to take the chill off the house.

Isn’t it supposed to be “April showers bring May flowers?”

In terms of inspiration for this Sunday dinner…I had some beautiful, organic fingerling potatoes just begging to be used. In fact, specifically they asked to be roasted with shallots and sage. Okay I admit it – it was really me who thought that.

But of course I wanted something wonderful as a main event to go with this and that got me thinking “earthy” and “warm” and of course “simple.”

And for some reason I was craving stewed tomatoes.

So I decided to “roast” a small pork roast in a bath of stewed tomatoes, bay leaves, oregano and rosemary. Simple right? I thought so. One dish of potatoes and shallots along side a dish with a roast swimming in tomatoes and spices. Low and slow in the oven at 350 degrees – so I could pretend to do laundry while I really took a cat nap in front of the TV. (I was in the basement – no one ever knew!)


Simple, delicious and it felt just a little “Tuscan.”

Production notes:

Be sure to serve the stewed tomatoes on the side as a sauce – I did.

A healthy departure from our usual “butter and cheese” meals. Only olive oil on the potatoes.

I had to use frozen green beans (organic at least) but fresh would have been divine.

I used dried, rubbed sage but fresh sage leaves would have also been divine.


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