Never Even Missed the Meat

Very quietly I am cooking at least one night a week without meat.

Shhh, don’t tell my big, Irish, meat and potatoes husband.

I just go about my business making dinner and when it is ready I present a dish for him to eat and I don’t make a big deal of what is or isn’t in it. And you know what? He never even realizes that he is eating a vegetarian dish! I make sure there is enough substance to the meal with pasta and such, so he still feels like he is eating a hearty dish. And certainly we are not talking low-calories here, with my heavy use of butter and/or cheese but even still – vegetarian!

My latest invention was inspired by this at the store.

Than I knew I had some of these in my freezer just begging to be toasted up.

And I had a bag of this hanging around from a gift basket.

And this was currently residing in my crisper drawer.

…which I promptly cooked up like this.

And served to my guy like this.


5 comments on “Never Even Missed the Meat

  1. Yum! Who needs meat when you have all of that wonderful cheese and pasta?

  2. michael says:

    Another great meal, meat or no meat

  3. […] PS: don’t tell my husband, but this was another vegetarian meal I managed to get him to eat and he didn’t even miss the meat! […]

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