Discos & Desperados

Lately I have been “eating” my way through the freezer in an attempt to clear some space for my anticipated summer garden harvest. (The first tomatoes and peppers are forming right now – yay!)

So the other day I was fishing around and found a package of Goya “disco” dough rounds and a forgotten pound of ground meat.


In order to make empanadas in my house you have to sing the song “Desperado” – replacing the word “desperado” with “empanada.”   What!   You are not familiar with the 1973 soft rock hit by The Eagles?!  Well give it a listen here.  You won’t regret it.

So now that I have set the mood by describing a middle-aged couple singing and cooking “desperado” – I mean “empanadas” …

…on to the actual cooking part of the blog.

The filling:

Ready for the oven:

(yes I poked a hole in that back one!)

Ready to eat:

The beauty shot:


Production notes:

I used ground pork because that is what I had – you could use ground beef, turkey, chicken or whatever.

For a vegetarian option use cooked black beans instead of meat.

I roasted and diced Acorn Squash for the filling but your favorite kind of squash will do.

Along with the usual onions and garlic browned with the meat I used some cumin powder, ground Ancho chili pepper and some smoked sweet paprika. However I would have liked it a little Zingy-ier than my husband and would suggest a high dose of your favorite vinegar-based hot sauce to brighten things up.

I baked mine, but frying them would be divine.


5 comments on “Discos & Desperados

  1. Super funny — I found a package of discos in my freezer this weekend, too. I’m still thinking about what to make with them.

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