Summer Stuffing

This year I have a sage plant in my herb pots, along with a rosemary plant and all the typical basil, oregano and such.

I love the sage – I mean I always loved sage – but having the fresh plant in my yard is so much better and inspiring.

And of course sage means “stuffing” to me. As in Thanksgiving. I know what you are thinking…”it’s July and nobody wants a turkey dinner.”

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can’t have stuffing. You just lighten it up and have it with something other than a turkey. (And yes, maybe you wait until a 65 degree rainy day instead of 90 degree day. I will admit to that.)

I find that keeping the stuffing recipe simple: fresh chopped herbs (sage and rosemary), fresh chopped veggies ( I happened to have celery, onions and mushrooms on hand), low-sodium chicken stock and no butter – all added to my bread cubes – keeps it “summer” light.

Also, stuffing a thin chicken cutlet instead of a turkey or even a whole bird keeps it light.

And what about some early season corn from Florida – who can resist!

I turned mine into some homemade creamed corn!

of course you could stop there; but I couldn’t resist a white and sweet potato mash too!


6 comments on “Summer Stuffing

  1. […] Just use whatever you have hanging around. I tossed these veggies in a little Olive oil and Soy Sauce; then I added lots of chopped fresh herbs from this year’s garden. Have I mentioned that I am LOVING fresh sage?! […]

  2. […] to get fancy and make my own little brown-butter croutons and some fried sage. (Which by the way was harvested from my back yard herb garden!) I served it with wedges of Parmesan-sage […]

  3. […] and I have really discovered the power of fresh sage! You can see some of my other sage pairings here, […]

  4. After our conversation this week about Sage in the summer…I’m attempting 2 recipes that will include it…a potato salad, with corn, bacon, sage and maybe Gorgonzola…and a summer quiche with sage, rainbow chard and green garlic from my csa box! Will shoot you some pics…if I remember.

  5. […] since I started growing sage I am always looking for ways to incorporate it into lighter, summer-like food. But this day I just needed a really good roasted […]

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