2nd Annual Peach

An excerpt from last year’s post…

Normally I eat one good peach a year.
The man whose name appears first on the law firm sign where I work by day, usually buys a case each summer and puts them out in the kitchen for everyone in the office to share. He is originally from South Carolina and he likes to treat us with some of his  “local” fruit. I work in Boston. As soon as the “silent alarm” rings we all descend like seagulls for our peach. (Maybe 2 if no one else is looking!)
I like to admire my annual peach for a while before I eat it. Really study its perfection. There is not one blemish. These are picked and packed by hand, shipped and packaged with care in individual little foam nests. I am sure it costs a small fortune and I am sure the foam is very unfriendly to the environment… and the fuel to get the peaches here…I shutter to think of it.
I savor each slice, eating it slowly, so it’s juicy perfection will take me through till the next annual shipment.
I can hear you asking…If I love peaches so much why don’t I just buy them at the store? Good question. Here is the answer. After a peach like that you can’t fool around with those hard, mealy things from the grocery store. Nope, none can compare with the annual peach.
So why bother. I will just enjoy my one perfect peach. Annually.


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