Pesto Pizza

I found another container of last year’s pesto in my freezer this week.

How many ways can pesto be used?

I personally love pesto and would use it on my toast every morning if I didn’t think everybody would faint from my garlic breath!

But this week I opted to use it on pizza instead of toast; using the pesto as the pizza sauce instead of the regular red sauce.

I also had a random assortment of veggies in the crisper to use and what better way than on a pizza! I personally think pizza and Quiche are tailor-made “vehicles” for using up stuff. Just throw it in/on and you have dinner! I did take the time to brown the zucchini slices first so they would be extra delicious!

As I assembled the pizza, I took pictures at each stage since it was so pretty with all the colorful vegetables!

Production Notes:

I diced the sweet red pepper small so the sweet taste would be distributed.

I splashed some red wine vinegar over the tomatoes/veggies just to perk things up – it really made a difference!!

PS: don’t tell my husband, but this was another vegetarian meal I managed to get him to eat and he didn’t even miss the meat!


2 comments on “Pesto Pizza

  1. Karen says:

    Your pizza looks great and I won’t tell him if you don’t. When I make a meal like that I call it foraging. I look in all the places in the refrigerator that some left over goodie might be hiding and see what new, delish meal I can create. Guess what I’m making tonight. Chicken pasta salad with cauliflower and roasted red peppers. Sound familiar?

  2. cabinet stew says:

    I love it! Giving new life to….dare I say it…”leftovers!”

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