Gravy Boats On The Grill

When you hear “gravy boats” do you think of porcelain tableware designed to hold gravy.

When I hear “gravy boats” I immediately think of a package of meat.


Yep, around here the butchers and smaller neighborhood grocers will package up a sausage or two, a piece of beef and a piece of pork and label it for sale as a “gravy boat.” This makes it convenient for someone making “gravy” to give it richness and flavor from these meats.

Still Confused?!

Well let me clarify that “gravy” around these parts means “red sauce” or “Marinara” if you are feeling fancy – you know..the stuff you ladle over pasta and serve with meatballs or chicken Parmesan. You can read more about it my last posting about it here!

However the last time I was in a Mckinnon’s Market, I was chatting with the meat guy who told me that folks who have never heard of a gravy boat actually think it is a small-portioned, variety pack of meat for the grill! It had never occurred to me but why not!

So I bought one for dinner on the grill this week- the ultimate “mixed grill.’

And I had some carrots and red onion to use up so I sautéed them right on the gill to go into some rice along with fresh sage, rosemary and basil and 2 diced tomatoes from the garden!

And dinner was served…


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