Pastry Love

Who doesn’t love puff pastry?

I don’t care if you tell me that you are not a big “sweets” person – They don’t have to be sweet. A savory puff pastry is delicious too. You could probably put an old shoe in puff pastry and it would probably taste good!

I think putting random ingredients together in puff pastry is a perfect “cabinet stew” situation. I just keep a box of those pre-made, perfect-every-time puff pastry sheets in the freezer. You know the one from the “farm.”

Just take it out and look around for stuff to put in.

This one, shaped into a “beggar’s pouch” style is filled with:

Raspberries – just cleaned out the last of the frozen supply bought in-season and on-sale last year at the farmer’s market.

Hazelnuts – small leftover amount from some cookies (Go Bruins!) hanging out in the freezer

Brown sugar – ’cause sweeter is better.

Cornstarch – to make the juices all thick.

Butter – just a tiny bit, just because. (like pie)

Pinch of salt – because sweet always need a bit of salt.


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