“Crisper Stew”

I am fond of cleaning out my crisper drawer by throwing everything in a baking dish, adding a little of this and a little of that and roasting it. It just seems like everything is better after spending a little time in the oven getting all toasty and juicy. So when I need to clean out my crisper drawer – maybe because I am going on vacation – or maybe just because the veggies are starting to get a little past their prime – I roast.

This week’s “crisper stew” consisted of broccoli slightly  “past its prime,” a  couple random shallots and some tomatoes. But the real excitement came from the torn fresh herbs from the garden.

Just douse it all in olive oil, salt, pepper and a tiny splash of Balsamic vinegar. Roast until yummy!

Serve with pasta, rice or just as it is.

The crisper drawer is clean and your tummy is full!


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