Sweet Tomato Pie

Nope not a typo.

I didn’t mean to write sweet potato pie. I actually meant tomato.

I was perusing a recent  issue of “Fresh” magazine published by the Hannaford chain of grocery stores when I came upon a recipe for “Southern Tomato Pie.” I was intrigued. And since I have an obsession with tomatoes, I had to try this.

It seemed so unlikely with its mayo-yogurt-cheese topping. Kinda weird frankly. Perhaps a sign of my age but it didn’t even occur to me to Google it until tonight; at the post pie-making/tasting stage and pre-blog posting research stage.

If you Google it and tell Google to leave off any findings with the word “pizza” (because let’s face it a “tomato pie” usually means “pizza.”) you get a reasonable 450,000 +/- results. How is it that almost half a million folks have some kind of mention or image of tomato pie and I have never heard of this delicacy? What other tomato delights lurk out there waiting for me I wonder.

Okay enough talk… here is the link to the original recipe. (let’s give credit where credit is due.)

Here is what I actually used. (I made a few subtle changes – like two varieties of fresh basil instead of dried. Full fat cheese instead of the light it called for. I also added a pinch of salt with the pepper, which was not in the original recipe. There is one other kinda big substitution – can you guess? Hint: it’s initials are MW.)

And here is how pretty those tomatoes looked before the topping went on!

…and here is what it looked like coming out of the oven!

And here it is right before it hit my stomach!


DELICIOUS! I will be making this again – it would be a great brunch item. But of course I will add a smidge more cheese just because…well…just because!


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