Chicken Vesuvio

I have a new “crush.”

Don’t tell my husband but I am head over heels about  The Sandwich King, Jeff Mauro. Besides being the latest Food Network Star winner and a fellow mustard-enthusiast; he is an all American good-guy, happily married with a little boy and can pop the top off a beer with his ring. You just know he is the coolest guy at the office. His recipes on his new show are making me want to book an “eating tour” of Chicago!

Recently, he featured a sandwich based on an entrée called “Chicken Vesuvio.” (That is his thing- turning meals into sandwiches.) I was already  drooling over the tangy garlic-lemon chicken cooked over potatoes that were essentially Jojos and then he topped it all off with some homemade giardiniera. This was my kind of meal!

Than a light went off in my head! I had some of that in my cabinet! I am ashamed to say that I can’t remember who gave it to me and when. It had no label but I immediately remembered that it must be homemade giardiniera. It has been hanging out in my cabinet waiting for just the right moment to be used!

The time is now!

So I got busy and hit the store for a few missing ingredients like chicken. I came home and proceeded to make “Chicken Vesuvio.”  Although his sandwich recipe looked great I wanted more of a Sunday dinner. So I made the meal version.

It turned out pretty darn good and of course my favorite part was the tangy, vinegar-y giardiniera on top of the browned and braised chicken! The fact that it includes peas and mushrooms in the recipe made my pea-loving husband very happy.

Now if only I could remember who gave the giardiniera to me so I can get another jar……


4 comments on “Chicken Vesuvio

  1. vero says:

    Great posting and enjoyed reading about your experience with cooking.

  2. […] was so delicious the first time around that I saved the leftover “au jus” and froze it. (Is that weird? Or maybe just […]

  3. […] I used up the last half of a jar of homemade giardiniera – you the stuff that makes “Chicken Vesuvio” so good! (and of course everything is better with a little grated […]

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