Holy Mole!

Corny title but I couldn’t resist!

The title really should have been something like “holy mole that is spicy chili!”

As usual I misjudged the spice-level of those nifty little Chipotle Peppers packed in Adobo Sauce. Such a powerful thing in such a small can. And yet I didn’t even use the whole can – just 1/2. Conveniently frozen from the last time I used half a can. (note to self: freeze in 1/4 can increments next time!)

I also utilized another pantry helper – Mole sauce from a jar. This is the complex, dark, nutty, vaguely chocolate sauce that is usually served over enchiladas. But really you can use it for lots of things. Like giving lots of flavor and complex depth to your chili.

At my husband’s request I made a “beefy” chili. I choose to use some inexpensive stew beef, cutting it into even smaller pieces and doing the “sear and braise” method that is always so successful with beef stew.  I figured I would take the stew approach with different key ingredients. The small bite-size pieces would ensure no one would have to use anything but a spoon to eat it.

Unless you are a spice-loving household, definitely serve the “1/2 can version” with sour cream.

Lots of it.

The recipe:

Canola oil to brown the beef. 2-3 tablespoons

1.75 lbs stew beef. I trimmed and cut it much smaller than the picture shows.

2 medium onions diced. 1 large would work too.

1 each of sweet red bell pepper and sweet bell green pepper. Seeded and diced.

1/4 or 1/2 can (7oz) Goya Chipotle Peppers in Adobo. Freeze what you don’t use.

1 jar (9oz) Goya Mole sauce. Use more or less as desired.

1 can (28oz) of tomato puree. I like my chili on the tomato-y side.

1 tomato can of water.

4 cups of cooked red kidney beans. Use 3 (15.5oz) cans or soak/boil if you have the time.

In a large, heavy-bottom pot (cast iron is always nice) brown the beef in batches in the oil. Once done, return all to the pot. Turn the heat down. Add the onions and salt/pepper to taste. Get the onions soft and golden. Add the mole sauce and kinda “toast” it for a few minutes. Break up and add the Chipotle peppers and also “toast” for a minute. De-glaze the pan with the tomato puree and water. Stir thoroughly and add the diced red/green peppers. Lower the heat and simmer partially covered for 2 hours or so. Taste and adjust for seasoning. Add the beans and simmer for another hour. If using the soak/boil beans add them in earlier with the peppers.

Serve with lots of sour cream and some shredded cheese. Maybe with some corn chips or sweet cornbread on the side.


3 comments on “Holy Mole!

  1. michael says:

    Holy Mole is right. spicy, but delicous

  2. Karen says:

    Loved catching up with your posts now that I am back from Europe. Being from Texas, I’m crazy about spicy chili. It sounds like yours was delicious but really spicy. I use jarred mole in a lot of Mexican recipes but a whole jar might be too much even for this former Texan. Loved the grill mark post, shoveling out the BBQ…ha, ha.

  3. […] to keep it easy. It is also not crazy spicy (like some of my other chili’s – Holy Mole!) so everybody can enjoy and add their own level of heat with hot sauce of their […]

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