Crock-Pot® Love… or is it “slow-cooker” love?

The term Crock-pot®  is a trademarked brand name for a kind of slow-cooker.

Bet you didn’t know that.

Well whatever you call it – I am in love.♥

I have some friends who are in love too. You know who you are. (Lydia.;-)

Mostly I just love having dinner all ready and waiting for me when I get home. This concept is nothing new. Folks have been bringing out the slow-cookers for years. For the holiday pot luck. For the family reunions. For the summer gatherings.

But the slow-cooker revolution is on. The internet is burning up with recipes. The bookstores are sporting more and more books dedicated solely to this form of cookery. 841 search results on Amazon alone!  Mark my words, I bet a food network show completely based on slow-cookers is already in production!

My latest slow-cooker love:

1 small pork roast – bought on sale and defrosted the night before in the fridge.

1 16 oz jar of “Better Than Freds” Caribbean Salsa. (Can’t find it – order it here – SO worth it)

1 can( 14oz +/-) Black beans, rinsed and drained

Frozen corn kernels – about a 1/2 bag  – doesn’t everybody have that in their freezer?

2 tsp Cumin – I LOVE this spice – if you don’t have it or love  it – leave it out.

Put everything in the slow-cooker (Meat on the bottom please.) Turn it on high and eat it 8 hours later over rice.

Full Disclosure:

I did not receive any compensation from either the salsa company or the slow-cooker company for promoting or advertising their products. But if anybody wants to send me some free stuff, please feel free to email me!


5 comments on “Crock-Pot® Love… or is it “slow-cooker” love?

  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of slow cooking! I’m still learning how to use my slow cooker(s) — yes, I have three!

  2. Karen says:

    Yes, A slow cooker can be our friend and when you add pork you get a terrific meal. I just used mine and it will be part of a future post. What do they say about great minds?

  3. Karen says:

    I have seen the salsa in the stores but didn’t realize it was made in N.H.

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