Pronounced Keen-waah.

The quinoa: I used my rice cooker to cook it – thank you Gluten free Goddess via Lydia for that idea!!

Butternut squash -peeled,chopped and roasted in olive oil with fresh sage and rosemary from my still-producing herb pots.

Sweet, red bell pepper and an onion that were hanging around my fridge got a slow saute until the house smelled like Fenway park.

Pistachios that had been hanging around my cabinet doing nothing (unsalted of course) got toasted and chopped for a little crunch on top.

I made all this early in the day – tossed it gently together with copious amounts of salt and pepper and it sat, covered in a baking dish until I was ready to gently reheat it for dinner later. Enjoyed warm but could be room temperature. (Could it be the dish for the next potluck?)

Enjoy as is or with some garlic-roasted shrimp or maybe with some fish if that is your thing?


8 comments on “Keen-what?

  1. I think that looks fantastic. I really need to get myself some of this quinoa stuff 😀

  2. Karen says:

    Hi Carol, That really sounds like a lovely combination of flavors. I’m really missing all my fresh herbs from the Maine cottage.

    • cabinet stew says:

      I just used the last of my fresh basil this weekend (I had picked a few days prior to this last cold snap) but I still have rosemary and oregano out there as it is a perennial! How come no “sunny window herb pots” in your NH house?

      • Karen says:

        Our old house has such small window sills. Most years I have thyme and oregano in a raised bed in my New Hampshire garden…but alas not this year.

  3. Isn’t quinoa amazing? It is so versatile and healthy. I often make quinoa with whatever seasonal produce I have around and it never disappoints.

  4. […] Check out a “winter salad” version here. […]

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