Year of the Dessert

Like most savory cooks, dessert is not my specialty. I usually leave that up to the experts. But I have been inspired this year to try my hand at some fancy but simple desserts as I did on Thanksgiving.

Christmas day was no exception.

Mini Coconut and Raspberry Cheesecakes

I was inspired by and adapted this recipe from Giada. I changed out the maple syrup for some raspberry syrup that I had in my freezer. I had made it from last year’s “pick-your-own” harvest. I used it as an ingredient and a sauce.

I also changed out the mascarpone for low-fat cream cheese. Just because that is what I had on hand. I switched the heavy cream for unsweetened coconut milk because I wanted to infuse that coconut flavor. I used the sweetened shredded coconut garnish because it looked like snow, but purists and healthy folks among us could use dried unsweetened coconut shavings.

Fresh raspberries made a nice garnish instead of the cranberry/orange compote but that would have been good too!

Other than those “minor” differences I followed her recipe exactly.

It was a big hit and the individual servings (muffin pan size) made it easy for people not to overindulge.

Okay, okay …maybe it just made over indulgence look prettier!


7 comments on “Year of the Dessert

  1. michael says:

    She wore a raspberry beret.

  2. Karen says:

    I love mini desserts and your cheesecake sounds great. Rich desserts in small amounts are a good thing as we are not tempted to eat so much.

  3. megtraveling says:

    It’s (almost) too pretty to eat!

  4. […] what started it but I suspect it was before Christmas when I bought more than enough Ricotta to test-run a dessert before the big day. I kept coming up with ways to use up the big container and when that was gone, I bought […]

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