Maiden Voyage

I have a dirty little secret.

Until recently I didn’t own a Cuisinart. There I have admitted it.

Oh sure I had one those little, tiny mini choppers and I used it for small pesto batches and the occasional bread crumb processing. It barely holds a cup and frankly I think the motor on it is going. So when my husband said “what do you want for your birthday?” I immediately decided this was the year to forgo all jewelry, electronics and other usual requests and ask for an appliance. I knew he would take this suggestion seriously and immediately get started on researching the best model at the best price. He is the best bargain shopper you ever met – in fact he is such a willing and great shopper that I hardly remember the last time I went shopping – he just does it all!

The Cuisinart Premier Series 7-Cup Processor is a beauty! After thinking long and hard about what to make with it on its maiden voyage, I finally settled on potato pancakes. I know what you are thinking – why not a pie crust? Or a homemade mayonnaise? Or something that just seems more “Cuisinart-like.” Well frankly he happen to walk by as I was watching some TV chefs make potato pancakes and since he LOVES these he said “I wish I had some of those right now!” So a few days later I thought I would make those for him with the ease of just throwing the potatoes (peel and all) into the shredder attachment of the new Cuisinart! I shredded the onion too! It worked so well I hardly believed how easy it was. And quiet too!

The potato pancakes were delicious and couldn’t have been easier. I might even give it a permanent place of honor on my precious little amount of counter space.

Get the really easy, delicious recipe from the TV chefs that I used here at “The Chew.”

Now maybe I will tackle that homemade mayonnaise next!

p.s. I don’t own a microwave either!


6 comments on “Maiden Voyage

  1. Congratulations — a food processor will change your cooking life! Try it for cole slaw (after you’ve made mayonnaise), gazpacho, pie dough and pesto.

  2. michael says:

    It has truly become a gift for both of us

  3. Karen says:

    An absolutely great present. Mine isn’t new but works like it is. I think you made a great choice for your maiden voyage. I know great things are in the future with your gift. Happy Birthday to you!

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