On a “Ricotta Kick”

This time of year some people are on health kicks. (we are too) Sometimes people are trying to “kick” a habit. (we are too) But I doubt anybody else is on a “Ricotta kick” like me. I am not sure what started it but I suspect it was before Christmas when I bought more than enough Ricotta to test-run a dessert before the big day. I kept coming up with ways to use up the big container and when that was gone, I bought more.

Even my last post was really an ode to Ricotta. The pasta was really just an excuse to eat more Ricotta. The green beans were to satisfy the health kick part of things.

I even recently found myself designing the cutest little meatballs to put in a baked pasta and Ricotta dish. I had a vision of the little meatballs floating around in “clouds” of Ricotta that swam in a sea of red sauce. Just to be cute I tried to make them look like a paisley pattern! Weird, right?

One night I didn’t feel like making the little meatballs so I used black olives to swim alongside my Ricotta clouds in a sea of red sauce and sausage!  At least I didn’t try to “shape” the Ricotta, so that’s progress!

But no matter how you serve it…

maybe in a cannoli…

or layered in lasagna…

or stuffed into pasta…

… or in a little something I get in the Boston’s north end called “Ricotta Pie” (you might know it by another name: cheesecake)…


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