Tostada [tosˈtaða]

However you want to pronounce the word, you have to pronounce the dish “delicious.”

Warm and crunchy on the bottom and topped with delicious toppings.

(And fairly healthy in this case!)

I was hankering for some spice recently but didn’t want to go too heavy. (Read: oozing, cheesy goodness) Also I had just purchased some golden beets and was looking for a unique way to use them. Plus I had some rotisserie chicken on hand and what is easier than that?

So I simmered the chicken in a can of fire-roasted tomatoes from my pantry, plus a hefty amount of ground cumin and some “Arizona dreaming” blend from Penzeys that I got as a gift this past Christmas.

I simply peeled and quartered my beets; sliced and seeded one large Poblano pepper; and roasted them on a sheet with olive oil till tender and caramelized.

I also seeded and finely diced some fresh Poblano pepper on the side for a hot-as-you-want topping.

To assemble: Warm the tostadas in a foil pack in a low 250 degree oven. Spoon the warm chicken mixture on top, add sliced roasted beets, diced roasted Poblano peppers, chopped fresh cilantro, fresh Poblano pieces, and some salty, crumbly Mexican cheese like Queso Seco para Freir or use a more-commonly found Cotija Anejo.  (or just use a dry feta and don’t tell anyone!) Squirt with fresh lime juice and you are ready for a party in your mouth!

Warning: these can be very messy! If you want more of a “glue” to keep the toppings on, spread some re-fried beans on the tostadas first, but if you want to keep it a little lighter, than use napkins and don’t serve this on a first date!


5 comments on “Tostada [tosˈtaða]

  1. Michael says:

    the beets were amazing and added a perfect flavor to a great dish

  2. Karen says:

    Oh boy…does that sound good. You come up with the best ideas.

  3. […] Only (and unofficially) in my house anyway. There must be something about the cold, snowy month of January that has me craving food from warmer regions. Because when I went back to look at my other posting on Tostadas I noticed it was January of last year. That version was a wonderful light, bright spicy combination of chicken, tomatoes and golden beets. You can see that here. […]

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