The Crispy Bits

We all know the crispy bits are the best. The crispy bacon. The crispy edges of the brownies. The crispy pizza crust. Shall I go on?

Well I also think the crispy bits of hash are the best – whether a traditional corned beef variety or an all veggie one as I made this time.

Sweet & white potatoes with onion & apples hash served with apple sauce but would be divine with sour cream!

I was inspired to make this one a little spicy by adding my favorite spice, ground cumin, but also a little BBQ seasoning. I happen to have a fresh supply on hand thanks to Aunt Barbara, so I used a little “BBQ 3000” from Penzey’s.

Also I used a secret ingredient to keep things moist. But speaking of moist…make sure to squeeze out every last bit of water from the veggies after shredding them or you will have to wait a long time to get those crispy bits – if you get them at all.

But back to the secret ingredient…which I am actually afraid to admit to.

Mayonnaise or in my case Miracle Whip since that is what I had in my fridge.

Well you know how some folks spread that on the outside of their grilled cheese to get it extra crispy and brown -I was trying to channel that technique. So I figured why not. I went ahead and just added in a small amount to the whole mix. The raw mix shouldn’t look “mayonnaise-y” or white it should just “moisten things up.”

And yes it did help get lots of crispy bits!


4 comments on “The Crispy Bits

  1. michael says:


  2. Karen says:

    You know how much I love crispy bits…sounds great.

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