Midweek “Put-Together”

In the spirit of Cabinet Stew and my continued obsession with meatballs, I threw together this dinner one night using things from the freezer and the fridge. My husband deemed it good enough to be repeated someday and so here it is…

And here is what’s in it….

About a dozen tiny meatballs that I made a bunch of one day and froze for times just like this. I reheat them in a covered dish in a 350 degree oven because we don’t own a microwave (GASP!) but you could use yours. A good quality packaged brand would probably work too but then again if you are reading this it means you enjoy cooking and wouldn’t dream of buying pre-made anything.

Boil a box of your favorite pasta – use a big chunky one like penne, rigatoni,etc. I used about 3/4 of the cooked pasta. Tip: lightly oil and store the rest of the cooked pasta for another meal or you can even freeze it for about a month. It will be fine and defrost in no time for a quick meal or add-in to soups and stews.

1/2 a bag (maybe 4oz?) of pre-washed baby spinach. I threw this into the very-hot, “just drained” cooked pasta so the spinach would cook a bit. If you like your spinach cooked a bit more you could probably steam it in the microwave, but I wouldn’t know how.

Before I started any of the above I took a minute to mix together 10-12 oz of sour cream (lowfat works, I used it.) 1/3 cup grated romano cheese, 1/2 tsp ground nutmeg, 1/2 tsp sweet/smoky paprika, pinch each salt and black pepper. I let the chill come off the sour cream while heating the meatballs and boiling the pasta.

So mix the spinach with the hot cooked pasta, add the sour cream mix and add a couple of tablespoons of butter if you want it a little richer. Add the hot meatballs, toss gently and serve it up with salt and pepper to taste.


8 comments on “Midweek “Put-Together”

  1. This sounds really good – pasta is great in that you can add so many different ingredients to it to make a truly delicious recipe! Thanks for posting. 🙂

  2. Karen says:

    Perfect midweek meal. Quick to put together and great tasting.

    • cabinet stew says:

      It was quick and tasty, of course I had to sprinkle extra cheese on top of my serving! I like to cook in bigger batches so I can put things in the freezer for quick meals later.

  3. I don’t have a microwave either! I never miss it either! I also like mini meatballs, so this is a great idea.

  4. Oh yum! I was never a huge fan of meatballs, but I’ve got to say, I would enthusiastically eat all of that, and keep coming back for thirds.

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