Spring Training

It is only March in Massachusetts, so I am really not thinking about grilling yet. But the unseasonably warm weather we are having combined with the garlic-n-cheese sausage in the fridge are just begging me to fire up the grill.

So I figure I will go out there, throw off the cover and see if it starts. If it does than I will consider it a sign of good luck and grill the sausages. No need to wait until the regular summer season.

Oh it fired right up. That is for sure.

In fact it fired right up into the sky. Don’t worry there were no explosions – just a grease fire. I remember now that last fall was going to be the last time I used the grill until I serviced it.  READ: CLEAN IT!  It needed to have the grease tray emptied and new flame-tamers installed. And I was too lazy to do that in the fall. Besides in true New England style, I probably thought as I grilled my patties on a beautiful October afternoon, “I will do it next weekend” and then… we probably got a foot of snow. Oh wait we did!  Halloween weekend. Welcome to New England!

But I didn’t remember any of that until I looked out my kitchen window the other night to see the whole grill practically engulfed! I didn’t worry for the house as we keep it a safe distance away. I didn’t worry about the neighbors calling the fire department. (They weren’t home, thankfully.) I only worried for my precious sausage and was completely thankful that I hadn’t put the burgers on yet! Typical foodie, always thinking about the food!

Anyway, I ran out and cut the gas supply (safety first) and carefully looked under the hood. To my relief the sausages had survived quite well. I moved things around with my 4 foot long tongs and when the grease fire died down a bit, I put the burgers on like no big deal.

Here is the funny part.

I was able to cook the burgers and finish the sausage without ever turning the gas back on. The grease fire in the bottom kept humming for just the right amount of cooking time!

Now if only I can remember not to use the grill again during the next “warm snap” in April…

Production notes:

The pasta salad was a last-minute creation. It was delicious and completely non-reproducible due to the use of one unique ingredient along with the elbow noodles, shredded carrot, diced sweet red bell pepper, diced scallions and tiny diced hot red Fresno pepper…

… I used up the last half of a jar of homemade giardiniera – you the stuff that makes “Chicken Vesuvio” so good! (and of course everything is better with a little grated cheese!)

Too bad I have no idea who gave me the jar….


3 comments on “Spring Training

  1. Karen says:

    i had to chuckle but can relate to what happened. And yes, who could forget the Halloween snowstorm. Totally forgiven for not getting the grill taken care of, I’m sure. We went to Maine last weekend and there was still 6 inches of ice and snow on the ground but less than the 3 feet last year at the same time. I can’t wait until we can open the cottage, plant the vegetable garden and start grilling.

    • cabinet stew says:

      ironically, my husband has always been a half-hearted griller and after watching him mash the patties on the grill once too many LOL- I took over all grill-duties!! he never cares if the grill is working or not since he grew up on “pan fryers!” LOL!

  2. Karen says:

    Too funny, I’m the griller in our family as well.

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