365 days…..

6,259 “hits” and 412 comments later, I have reached my two-year anniversary of blogging!

Thanks to WordPress and their endlessly interesting statistics page, I can tell you all that April 8, 2012 was my most viewed day! (68!!!!)  Thank you Holly!

I can also tell you that November 26, 2011 had the most comments – and I am proud to say that only one of them was related to me!

I am sure my mom found it very interesting that searches for “beef” versus “vegetarian” were only slightly ahead. (4 to be exact)

Beans. Who knew that beans would be the most “searched” term EVER? 231 times so far that folks searched for “beans” on the internet and choose me! That 2010 post just never gets old!

Followed up by 129 searches for “American Chop Suey” – probably because no one has any idea why it has that name!

But the real surprise comes in third place by the name of Josiah McElheny – I know I love his work and especially Endlessly Repeating Twentieth Century Modernism” but apparently so do 78 other folks.

Well that is enough statistics for the year but… since I did only get 4 hits on last year’s 1st year anniversary post…here is a recap!

How it all began
2008 was a very good year for me and tomatoes. My back yard pots were producing like crazy even in the waning days of summer.  So I was innocently searching the internet for a recipe to somehow preserve them through the winter when I came upon the most gorgeous picture of oven roasted tomatoes ever. It was love at first sight.
But it was more than a photo. There wasn’t a just recipe; there was commentary and comments from others, with entries dating all the way back to June 14, 2006! ! OH NO! I was late to the party!
My small, little kitchen world had just been blown open by the discovery of this blog phenomenon. There were actually others out there like me, cooking, eating and writing about it! Soon I had subscribed to that blog by email and was devouring each posting as soon as it came out. Not long after that I was bold enough to actually leave a comment. Before you know it I was submitting photos for a weekly segment featuring reader’s pantries. I even won a give-away prize! And one day when I clicked on a person’s comment link out of curiosity I discovered the real power of the blogosphere. My future favorite design blog had submitted her pantry for the weekly segment. What a discovery. I spent two days catching up on all her prior postings. I have a new friend to add this year… my favorite lifestyle blog!
However, like all good things, after a while it wasn’t enough. I wanted to be part of this movement. Part of this grass-roots community of like-minded folks who I talked about in first person as if they lived next door. (Doesn’t everybody do that?)
I can blog too.
I set about researching the process. It didn’t seem that hard. I wouldn’t even have to learn HTML. I didn’t tell anyone at first. I spent many afternoons “supposedly working” but really I was busy securing my own domain. (THE NAME  WASN’T TAKEN YET – a sure sign that it was meant to be!)  Who would host my blog? I decided to go with WordPress because they got great reviews and seemed the most user-friendly. The day I came home and announced that Cabinet Stew was “live and on the internet” my husband ran around the house yelling that his wife would soon be famous. Slow-down big fella… this is just a fun way of recording my cooking adventures.
These days, as my husband can attest, life with a food blogger can be a challenge. (yes, I call myself that, even if I have less than now it’s more than a dozen daily hits.)  For instance now he has to wait for his dinner while the “beauty shot” is taken. But I love being part of it all. I finally feel like one of the cool kids.

ps if you are still reading this …you might be interested to know that my “2011 year in review video” (That’s right I made a movie!) only got 12 hits – maybe you should check it out…here! It’s only 3 mins


5 comments on “365 days…..

  1. Congratulations on your two-year blog anniversary! I hope you’ve had fun every step of the way.

  2. Karen says:

    Congratulations Carol on a job well done. I’m looking forward to your next year of blogging.

  3. […] In past anniversaries I posted a special “anniversary edition” blog entry.  See 1st anniversary here and 2nd anniversary here. […]

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