To Brine Or Not To Brine

I am a “briner.”

But with two conditions.

1: only when I am going to grill the meat

2: only with chicken and occasionally pork. (Now that I think of it, would there be any other meat that would be brined?)

Brining is when you soak your meat in a salty solution so that later when you cook it, it will have more juice and flavor. Kind of like marinading right? This is why I don’t understand this hotly contested topic of brining. Marinading seems to be widely accepted and lots of people do it. No judgement.

Is not soaking your meat in a solution of salt and some seasonings the same as a marinade?

Without brine there would be no grilled chicken in my life. I just simply couldn’t cook a juicy chicken leg on the grill before I discovered brining.

And patience. Because that is the other key to juicy chicken. Start them hot to get those nice grill marks but then move them off to an indirect flame and let them go. For a long while. Use a thermometer and you can’t go wrong! Of course I also enjoy a robust dry rub!

Yes I shot this picture on purpose so that I could subtly show off my fantastic blue Hydrangea bush!

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