Grilled Jumble

Also known as “mixed grill.”

I love to just make the whole meal simply on the grill. Who wouldn’t?

I use one of those grill baskets or grill trays for the smaller stuff, so it doesn’t fall thru and the meat just cooks along side. As for a “starch” – it never bothers me to not have one but sometimes (as in this case) I grilled some baby potatoes too. Nope I didn’t boil them first – that just defeats the purpose of everything cooked on the grill. I just got baby ones and cut them up even smaller. But I’ve just cut up regular ones too, that works.

Speaking of Size

Size matters when you are grilling!  Make the quick cooking things a bit bigger to even out the cooking time with their smaller-cut-but-longer-cooking cousins!


Just toss all the non-meat items together to marinade in one bowl with oil, vinegar and seasonings of your choice!

Marinade the meat in a separate bowl with the some of same blend! Once you put the meat on…and depending on the cut and type this may be way ahead of the veggies to get a head start…go inside, put the meat bowl in the dishwasher, grab a fresh drink, your bowl of marinading veggies and head back out.

Now all you have to do is put the veggies on, drink your drink and watch the grill do all the work. Once everything is done I toss it all together back in the original veggie bowl. This cuts down on dishes, the trips back into the house and any leftover marinade in the bowl just coats everything in a little fresh flavor. Ready to serve!

The Breakdown on My Latest Jumble

full disclosure…I did take the extra step of tossing in fresh chopped tomatoes and basil with the warm meat and veggies – Delicious!


4 comments on “Grilled Jumble

  1. Jen says:

    Looks fantastic!!!!

  2. michael says:

    like the diagram

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