Breakfast With A View

For those of you who read about my “dinner in the most beautiful dining room in New Hampshire” in the past, you will most likely recognize this venue. It is the same wonderful screened in porch. Why would anybody go out to a restaurant brunch when you can gaze upon acres of lush, flowering gardens, woods and a pond complete with waterfall and “Monet” bridge! Oh and the food is pretty good too!

Sunday Brunch on the porch

Scrambled eggs with tomatoes, cheddar and chives, served with sun-dried tomato focaccia bread.

This lovely spot happens to be at my mother’s house and when we visit we always eat on the porch whenever possible and I usually try give her a break by doing any and all cooking/clean-up.

The sliced tomatoes  and the bread were leftover from last night’s “corn and tomatoes on the porch” dinner. The chives grow wild in her garden. I simply went out and plucked a handful. The cheddar is kept in the freezer for when I visit. (Mom doesn’t eat much cheese, but she stocks it for my visit because I am such a cheese addict! Thanks mom!) And she always has fresh eggs ready for our visits.

Simple, delicious and beautiful! Try it sometime!


10 comments on “Breakfast With A View

  1. trkingmomoe says:

    Wow…that looks yummy. Thanks for sharing. I like your picture.

  2. Barbara Cashman says:

    This looks delicious enough for me to leave my computer & fix a dish right now. I’ve been to this house so I know how beautiful the view is. Some of my plants are there just as some of her’s are in my garden.

  3. MixerUpper says:

    We are driving to New Hampshire tomorrow for a long weekend. Perhaps we can stop in and your Mom will make us breakfast? Great photo!

  4. Karen says:

    Brunch on your mother’s porch must be lovely in the nice weather.

    • cabinet stew says:

      It is- we will eat in coats into the chilly nights of fall -just to enjoy every possible meal out there! And in the winter when the porch is really too cold – the snow stuck on the screens during a storm make beautiful patterns!

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