No Pineapple? No Problem!

…Just break out a jar of “Hawaiian jam!”

What you don’t have any?  Unfortunately I used my last jar on these “Hawaiian burgers.”

Okay the truth is I have no idea what little country store, flea market, farm stand, etc that I purchased this random jar from. Dusty and forgotten in the dark corners of the cupboard – it would finally get it’s time to shine!

It all started out with me thinking that I would use a can of pineapple – crushed, rings or chunks – unless of course you used the last one up and never put it back onto the grocery list. Like me.

So when I had a craving to turn some ground pork into “Hawaiian teriyaki burgers” with grilled pineapple rings.  I had a problem. No Pineapple. That is really what puts the “Hawaiian” in Hawaiian teriyaki burgers.

I decided to simply mix the meat with 3 ingredients (soy sauce, ground ginger and some of the jam) along with salt and pepper. I formed the patties and grilled them. For some reason toasted English muffins just seemed like the right kind of vehicle for this burger. Maybe it was the “jam” aspect.

I was craving the acid bite that some nice grilled pineapple rings would add so I improvised with some “quick-pickled” red onions. You just slice them thin and let them hang out in some white vinegar until it’s time to add them to the burger.

I gave the jam double duty by using some as a spread on the burger.

The burgers were delish. At least I thought so. The jury is still out with my husband. He was hoping for pineapple.

P.S. Just for the record the burgers look a little dark ’cause the sugars “caramelized” and well okay maybe I left them on a whisker too long but they were not well-done as they appeared in this photo!

4 comments on “No Pineapple? No Problem!

  1. Karen says:

    Sweet from the jam and tangy from the pickled onions sounds good. We know they are caramelized from the sugar…it happens all the time.

  2. Jen says:

    Those look great!

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