The other night I had a little sweet tooth and only one of the pre-made rolled pie doughs that come two-to-a-red box. (you know the ones right?) I made a Crostata. Watch out we’re getting fancy ’round here.

A Crostata is a rustic yet elegant fruit dessert – kinda like a tart but more free form. Italian in origin, it can also sometimes have pastry cream on the bottom with fruit on top. I didn’t feel the need to bust out a pastry cream.

Basically when you add sugar and a few spices to practically any fruit and throw that into any form of pastry – pie, puff or whatever – it is gonna be good and it is going to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Since I had some of these delicious little gems: Pineapple Tomatillos on hand, I decided to use these as my filling.  If you ever run across these in your farmers market – buy them immediately. They are very delicious, tiny, unusual bite size fruit!

So as I husked my pint of these and I decided I had better add some other fruit to give the Crostata enough filling. An apple seemed like a good idea and I had a few fresh, early fall ones already in the fridge.

I was feeling fancy so I arrange it all pretty in the crust.


Add in a  dash of ground ginger, a dash of nutmeg, some brown sugar, butter cubes and a little cornstarch to hold it altogether. I also decided to use up this random orange I had in the fridge by squeezing the juice and pulp on top.  Even though the tomatillos taste like little pineapples, they don’t have that actual citrus bite. So I thought the orange would just brighten everything up.

Now it was ready for the oven. You know what they say… make’em cold, bake’em hot!  I decided I better safely bake mine inside a dish with sides – like my pie dish – because baking on a sheet pan, even on parchment, just seemed like a risk of losing all that sweet fruity filling.

Once it comes out of the oven – resist the urge to cut into it right away. Instead let it cool quite a bit. Just like pie (and lasagna) it has to cool a bit so the filling can stay together for the slices.

Buon Appetito!

Special thanks to Steve at The Depot farm stand for supplying these little jewels!


4 comments on “Crostata

  1. Jennifer says:

    I just love reading your blog. I can hear your annunciations in my head! Love it! And love the looks of this 🙂
    “…didn’t feel the need to bust out a pastry cream.”
    ❤ U !!!!!!

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen those pineapple tomatillos, but now I’m going to make a point of looking for them.

    • cabinet stew says:

      Definitely do… I have only seen them at 2 farmers markets both in New Hampshire.. I think they are in season in late summer thru late fall around here.

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