Spicy Beef Chile REMIX

So you may have noticed I have been cleaning out the freezer lately and finding new ways to slip the leftovers past my husband!

This dish was inspired by the bag of sweet red bell peppers I picked up on sale and some leftover frozen spicy beef and green chile stew.


The original chile I made was QUITE SPICY -but we are kinda “spice amateurs” in my house. You may find that 1 1/2 chopped “Chipotle Chili in Adobo” is not even nearly spicy enough for you! You can see the original recipe for the stew here.

Re-Imagining the stew into stuffed peppers was easy – just add rice! Brown rice to be exact. Since it was being mixed with something I knew I could sneak in a little “shot of healthy!” (shhh don’t tell hubby.)

I just scooped out the peppers, mix the defrosted stew with some cooked and cooled brown rice. Stuff the peppers, pour a little hot water around them- about an half-inch and into the hot oven (covered) to steam them. After about 35-40 mins I took the cover off, add some shredded cheese on top of the peppers and baked further until the cheese was melty.

Serve with some sort of yogurt/sour cream/crema mixed with lime juice and ground cumin!


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